kfw arrows Corona Matching Facility

Objectives and requirements

  • Corona Matching Facility is the first pillar of the German Government’s package of measures for startups and young growth companies.
  • The financial support is targeted at VC fund backed startups and young growth companies which are closely related to Germany and in need of funding due to Covid-19. Another condition is that the startup or young growth company was not yet in financial difficulties on 31 December 2019 [as defined by the EU].
  • Private VC fund managers with a German portfolio can apply for matching of their funding rounds with federal funds by KfW Capital or by European Investment Fund (EIF) until 31 December 2020.
  • Before funding is approved, all VC fund managers have to go through a series of checks.

Eligibility to apply

Only private VC fund managers with a German portfolio are eligible to apply if they fulfil the following criteria:

  • Independent German or European VC fund manager
  • Successfully completed checks by KfW Capital or EIF

Application procedure

Detailed information for fund managers on the application procedure can be found here
Please note: We kindly ask you to send your applications to VC-Matching@kfw.de or German-CMF@eif.org


According to an announcement by the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs, Peter Altmaier, and the Federal Minister of Finance, Olaf Scholz, a total of €2 billion are available for the financial support of startups. Next to Pillar 1, the Corona Matching Facility, Pillar 2 of the start-up aid encompasses support for startups and small SMEs that are not backed by VC funds. Please find more informations about Pillar 2 at www.kfw.de/corona-startup